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TORO Race Season

The 2013-2014 TORO race season is upon us. The Board of Directors has worked diligently on race schedules, rule book clarifications, and sponsorship packages. TORO has seven great properties for the 2013-2014 race schedule. There will be a good mixture of traditional and new TORO properties in the schedule.

Event Schedule

Nov 2/3 - Bridgeport, TX - Endeavor - Race Results
Nov 16/17 - Thackerville, OK - Dust to Dust - Race Results
Jan 4/5 - Bridgeport, TX - Hilltop Canyon - Race Results
Jan 18/19 - Callisburg, TX - Race Results
Feb 1/2 - Denton, TX - Storrie Family Farm - Race Results
Mar 29/30 - Bonita, TX - New Property - Race Results
Apr 12/13 - Saint Jo, TX - Redneck Motorcycle Round Up - Race Results

Series Handbook

The handbook containing the series information for the 2013-2014 racing season is available from the Administration page.

Rule Changes

The following rule changes have been made for the 2013-2014 season:
  1. Regarding peewee riders participating in the Mini program: Riders racing in the peewee program may participate in the Mini C class, with consideration taken in evaluating promotions based on the Rules and Regulations in our rulebook. Mini B and Mini A riders are not qualified to race in the peewee program.

  2. Our new sportsman classes are available to any rider as an open class with year end awards and season points. However, the riders are not eligible for Overall Awards in any program for the sportsman class.

  3. Our scoring system has been updated to utilize new transponder stickers for mounting on the underside of the helmet visor of our riders.

  4. Due to the nature of our software and hardware setup, we will require all riders to obtain a new transponder this season. This is to aid the riders in being scored promptly and accurately as possible while maintaining consistency with our system's implementation. However, these transponders are only $5 versus the old system's $30 transponders.
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