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Good Woodz is proud to partner with the TORO series to offer a 25% discount on all orders for all members during the 2015/2016 season. We are a local Texas company working hard to offer premium sunglasses and watches made entirely of bamboo wood. Each pair of sunglasses are individually handcrafted from the highest quality bamboo and feature polarized lenses. While other wooden sunglasses are made from one layer of wood making them fragile and breakable, our sunglasses use ten layers of wood to ensure lifetime durability. Through this innovative process, each layer is carefully cross-woven and forged together, making them even stronger than plastic frames. Our sunglasses are also 100% waterproof and they float! You will never lose another pair of sunglasses to the water. Wear your sunglasses wherever life takes you and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Good Woodz believes if you Look Good + Do Good you Feel Good. That is why with every item sold we donate $10 to the Children’s Medical Center Foundation to help families with unexpected medical expenses. We hope to see you at the races wearing Good Woodz soon! Visit & use discount code (IRACETORO2015)

TORO – Race Reports



  • Rnd 4 Bonita
  • Rnd 5 Jacksboro
  • Rnd 6 Bulcher
  • Rnd 7 Honey Grove





TORO – Staff

Board Members
Tyler Ruckdeschell – President
TBA – Vice President
Jean Ruckdeschell – Board Member
Larry Rousseau – Board Member
Marilyn Hunter – Board Member
Larry Hunter – Board Member
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Staff Members

Zak McCallum Brad Benson
Payton Carpenter Jeff Kruger
Mark Carpenter Elizabeth Freeman
Kevin Freeman Jeff Kring
Chynna Upchurch Chris Upchurch
Bert Reynolds Kevin Ruckdeschell
Dwain Carter  

TORO – Race Results

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Overall Results Lap times by category sorted by laps completed and average lap time.
Lap Comparsion Average lap times for all three skill levels by event and class.
Fast Ten Top ten fastest lap times by event and skill level.
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