TORO – Schedule

Dec 9/10 BSGP Denton, TX Hare Scramble Race Results
Jan 6/7 Oak Hill Decatur, TX Sprint Race Results
Jan 27/28 Bonita Bonita, TX Hare Scramble Race Results
April 28/29 Cross Bar Ranch Davis, OK Hare Scramble Race FlyerPlease be prepared for the water crossing at the park entrance.
May 12/13 Round 5 Boyd, TX Hare Scramble New Date

Texas Off-road Racing Organization (TORO) – The Coolest Off-road Motorcycle Racing Series

Dear TORO Members and friends,

With the oncoming season and numerous race conflicts, we have regretfully decided to not hold a full series this year. We have a single event for our immediate schedule, which will be posted when details are final, and other possible sanctioning of events in the future. However, we want to support the interest of riding and racing in North Texas, and cluttering the schedule that is so packed has only pushed riders away.

In order to stoke the flames of racers, and to foster the passion for local racing, we have decided to step aside and concede the race dates for the other clubs. For reference, in the past few years, our window has gone from 8 races in the months of October through February, to 5 events in November, January, and February. We have survived diligently for 17 continuous years, of which we are eternally grateful for your lasting support. That said, we have seen the rise of the Rev Limiter, shifts in TSCEC scheduling, the annual Gut Buster 24 hour team race, and lengthening seasons for TCCRA and TORN (consuming Feb – December this season and next).

This also includes the creation of other events, like the Grinduro ride weekend in the winter, the Arlington SX efforts that some of our staff and board aids in holding, and 3 major holidays in the season itself. With such a tight schedule, there is little room for rescheduling due to weather, as well as accommodating our riders’ budgets for being able to attend more than just our events.

We are excited for the future of racing, as we are all enthusiasts of the sport first and foremost. We have held many event types over the years, bringing attention to the Sprint Enduro format in Texas, as well as performing as volunteers for dozens of different promoters and hundreds of dedicated members. This hiatus is merely a stepping stone to the future.

Thank you all for your support over the years, and for your time. We could not have sustained this series continuously without all of you – the dedication to the community has been our goal as an organization since the begining. We hope to see you all at the races, of any variety and discipline, and look forward to events in the future.