TORO Pre-Race Recon
Pre-Race Recon: #701 Bells, Tx

TORO - Texas Off-Road Racing Organization


The Big Bike course is approximately 10 miles. The dirt is hard-packed and it was a bit dusty, but we are due for some moisture at the beginning of the week so it may just be really nice by the weekend! Tom Robinson is the promoter and has done another stellar job of putting together a fun, fast, flowing track. The woods sections drop you up and down rolling around and occasionally dipping down in the creek area and climbing back out. Tons of fun!! The trimming is excellent - no face slappers to speak of and no tears in the jersey or vines in the wheel!

There are several places on the course where you have a choice to jump or not - make sure you WATCH the signs and pick your poison. There is no bailing out once you commit to jump - these can not be rolled.

Also, look for signs in the woods for alternates around areas that may be more difficult than others. Again, Tom has these marked clearly so take a minute to check it all out on your practice laps.

The 2 mile long pee-wee track is fast and flowing. There are a few small, safe jumps at various places. Spectating for the kids should be excellent. You can see most of the track from the hill side. The pee-wee track also incorporates a section of the terrace jumps.

Camping is more than ample and it sits on top of the hill where you can watch a good bit of the racing action on the grass track areas. Please remember to clean up your trash and take it with you.


Big Track

Peewee Track

Directions From Dallas

  • 75 North through McKinney
  • 121 North
  • 160/69 North through Whitewright
  • Left on Savage Rd
  • Right on Everheart Rd
  • Track is on the left
  • Google Map to Track


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