TORO Pre-Race Recon
Pre-Race Recon: #706 Bulcher, Tx

TORO - Texas Off-Road Racing Organization


Put on your intermediate/soft terrain tires, crank up your steering damper to 11 and get ready for some fast and furious fun! The Red River Dirt Riders have utilized the Last Man Standing qualifying trail for this 6.5 mile track. This track is totally different from what everyone expects from a race at the Red River Motorcycle Trails. The RRDR's goal this year was to provide a flowing race course that gave riders a chance to ride an "old school mx" style track. No Bill's Woods, no technical tight trees, no roots and very few rocks. The track is sandy wide and fast! Almost the entire race track is at least 15' wide. On our pre-race recon we averaged 20 mph and hit a max speed of 47 mph with a cr85. Expect some big sandy berms and deep sand whoops to develop. There are a couple of small creek crossings that have some water in them. Shouldn't be a problem at all unless we get a lot of r***. There are small elevation changes as the trail runs up and down some embankments. You can also find small natural terrain jumps at various places along the track.

Make sure you stay within the mowed and marked track areas. If you stray off the trail there are things in the weeds that will ruin your day!

Spectating should be excellent. The track is very open and you can see much of the track from the camping area.

The 1.3 mile long peewee track features a good mix of woods and open sections. There is a creek crossing with a bridge and a few elevation changes. A couple sandy sections will be the most difficult portion of the track. Overall, this should be an easy fun track for the peewees. Spectating will be decent. You should be able to see ΒΌ of the track from on top of a hill.

Camping space is plentiful and located just inside the gate. Bag your trash and take it with you and if you are standing around the TORO trailer - put your trash in the bag hanging at the back of the trailer instead of on the ground, please.

NO campfires.


Big Track

Look out for armadillos on the trail. They can put you on the ground quick!

Peewee Track


RRMT, Inc. is about an hour and a half north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Coming from that area, you will want to go north on I-35 to Gainesville. When you get to Gainesville, you will exit Highway 82 and go west towards Wichita Falls. You will go about thirteen miles through the towns of Lindsay and Muenster. Upon arriving in Muenster, you will turn right onto Main Street at the only stop light on Highway 82 in Muenster. You will then head north about one mile when you will come to the end of the road, keep left. You are now on FM Road 373 and traveling west. Follow this road for approximately fourteen miles to Bulcher. Considering the population of Bulcher is minimal, the only thing that people will see on their way to RRMT, Inc. will be the wide open country side, Turtle Hill Golf Course, and an old dilapidated school building from the early 1900s. Once you pass the school, the local road turns into a new paved state highway. If you look to the right, you will see the Red Bull Barn (made famous from the Red Bull Last Man Standing Race). From there on, it is about two miles to the gate. Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. will be located on the right and you cannot miss it. Pass the main entrance to the park and look for the race entrance on your right.


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